Top 49 Apps Similar to AnyCut

Force LTE Only 1.4
This app will help You change network to 4G/3G/2G and stay inchosennetwork.No more auto switch betwen 4G/3G.If you have free 4Gdatatransfer and You must pay for 3G, just set up your network foronlyLTE.Force LTE not working on every phone. It is depends whatbrandor stock-custom rom your phone have.Some phone brandsblockopportunity to force switch network.Pleas don't rate down thisappif is not working on your phone because it is not depends fromUs.
HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster) 3.1 Release b2
HSPA+ Tweaker (3G booster, stabilization of mobile network) -bestapplication, for force support HSPAP (3,75G) mobileconnectionusing customizable reconnects.How this app can help:●Decrease pingjumping to a minimum value, in online gaming, lag orfreezesbecomes much less.● Improve the quality of voice and videocalls,for example skypе.● Reduce delays in viewing online(streaming)video youtubе, and etc.● All of the above for use on alaptop, viaWiFi hot-spot from your device.Two types of customreconnect:●Check the ping to any host.● Download files of acertainsize.Additionally: This app is intended to stabilize theexisting3G H+ (HSPAP) connection, I recommend to enable 3G onlynetwork insettings. Some devices may not support the default viewandreconnect settings, you can manually directly during the serviceisenabled, select the parameters under which the maximum effectisachieved. Interstitial advertisement can be disabled for freeinabout section, advertisement.Feedback:In our VK group thereisdiscuss this application:,youcan post your own review here, I'll try to answerit!Sincerely,application developer, Roman.
4G Only Network Mode 2.1
4G Only Network Mode opens a secret menu where advancednetworkconfigurations can be selected.Features - *change networkto"LTE(4G) only" mode*phone will disconnect less often leadingtoFASTER INTERNET SPEED*enable VoLTE on supporteddevices(enablesdirect call over 4G network)*advanced networkstatistics*changenetwork parameters*lock to any particular NetworkSignal like4G(LTE)/3G/2G onlySupports All Phone Brands withQualcomm Chips
File Manager 3.4
Features List:* File ManagerManage your files (file explorer)likeyou do on your desktop or laptop using MultipleSelect,Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share,Send,Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark;* Application Manager–categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps*3sets of commercial icons for 80+ different file types, toolbarandmenu items* Multiple resolutions support* Support 19languages*List and grid view for file explorer* Compress anddecompresssupport* Search and share files* Multiple selection andvarioussorting support* Thumbnail for photo, video and apk files*Supportfile shortcut on Home screen for easily access* Basicfeatures likecut, copy, delete, compress, extract etc. easilyaccessible- Workon multiple tabs at same time- SMB(windows) filesharing- Multiplethemes with cool icons- Navigation drawer forquick navigation- AppManager to open, backup, or directly uninstallany app- Quicklyaccess history, access bookmarks or search for anyfile- Rootexplorer for advanced users- and the list goes on...*Attractivematerial Design UI/UXLight & smoothSimple &cleanMultithemes support* App ManagerBackup appsUnistall appsShareappsPlaystore app link* FTP ServerDownload files and folders fromyourphone* Hidden FilesHide any file on you deviceNote:Basicread/writeoperations might not work on external memory on KitKatdevices.Don't use cut/paste from or to external SD Card. You mightlooseyour files.Feedbacks and suggestionsWe’d love to hear fromyou!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]:FileManager, File Explorer, App Manager, FTP Server.
Mi Launcher 1.1.1
Mi App
Upgrade the launcher on your Android device for MIUIexperience,available on all devices with Android 4.1 or higher.Thisis not theofficial MIUI launcher, it is a highly customizable,clean, MIUIlook launcher with the App Drawer.Mi Launcher features:•MIUIicons, flat design, customizable icon size• Colorfuliconbackground, disable it to use MIUI icon background•Supportthousands of icon themes on the Play Store• Customizabledesktopgrid• Lock, Unlock desktop• Infinite scrolling on desktopand dock•All apps in the Drawer, and you can hide apps• Scrollabledock,customizable dock pages and number of dock icons•Screenorientation• Set default screen for desktop• Edit shortcuticonsand text• Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling• Resize anywidget•More customizations and options
Official TWRP App 1.21
Team Win LLC
TWRP - Team Win Recovery Project Official app developed by TeamWinfor TWRP. Use the app to alert you when new TWRP versionsarereleased for your device. When a new version is available,downloadit using the app and install it (root users only) withoutrebootingto recovery. You can find a brief guide and more detailsabout theapp here: The Official TWRP App doesnotrequire root to perform version checking, however,additionalfeatures are available such as image flashing if yougrant rootpermissions. Currently the app is only able to flashimages frominternal storage. We will add the ability to useadditional storagelocations very soon! We will be developingadditional features inthe near future, so check back often! Pleasedo not ask us to addTWRP support for your device. We simply do nothave access to allof the devices or the developer resource to portyour device foryou. You can port your own devicehere:
SuperSU 2.82
SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future;!!!SuperSU requires a rooted device !!!SuperSU allows foradvancedmanagement of Superuser access rights for all the apps onyourdevice that need root. SuperSU has been built from the groundup tocounter a number of problems with other Superuser accessmanagementtools.Features include:- Superuser access prompt-Superuser accesslogging- Superuser access notifications- Per-appnotificationconfiguration- Temporary unroot- Deep process detection(no moreunknowns)- Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)- WorkswhenAndroid isn't properly booted- Works with non-standardshelllocations- Always runs in ghost mode- Wake on prompt- Convertto/system app- Complete unroot- Backup script to surviveCyanogenModnightlies- Icon selectable from 5 options + invisible-Themeselectable from 4 options- Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#*or*#*#7873778#*#* (*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)NOTE: Not all phones takebothcodes. On some phones you need to use single *# instead ofdouble*#*#The Pro version additionally offers:- OTA survival mode(noguarantees)- Full color-coded command contentlogging(input/output/error)- Per-app logging configuration- Per-appuseroverride- Grant/deny root to an app for a set amount of time-PINprotection- Per-app PIN protection- Adjustauto-denycountdownSUPERUSERThis is meant to replace Superuser(ifinstalled), you use either one or the other. You cannotcombinethem. Statements that this breaks Superuser arethereforecompletely nonsensical.NOTICE: A SPECIAL PROCEDURE ISNEEDED FORUNINSTALLATION. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE APP, DO *NOT* JUSTUNINSTALLIT, YOU *WILL* LOSE ROOT.Superuser access management runsthrough aso called "su binary". There can be only one of these at atime. Soif you install SuperSU, your previous superuser accessmanagementsolution will no longer operate. So if you want to switchback: (1)Open that application, and search for an option for ittoinstall/update/replace the "su binary". (2) Confirm root-usingappsare using the superuser solution you want. (3)UninstallSuperSU.IN-APP PURCHASESThese are completely optional andmore likedonations. They do not unlock any functionality.Contactus:Website:
Nova Launcher 5.5.4
Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control andcancustomize. Change icons, layouts, animations and more. For mymoney,Nova Launcher is the best of the AOSP-style launchersavailable inAndroid. --Android Police Nova Launcher has some verycapable handsbehind it --Phandroid Our favorite is Nova Launcher,which strikes agreat perfect balance between incredibleperformance and highcustomizability without getting too gimmickyand difficult to use--Lifehacker Chock full of features you won'tfind in the stocklauncher, and comes highly recommended --AndroidCentral • IconThemes - Find thousands of icon themes for NovaLauncher on the PlayStore • Subgrid positioning - Much greatercontrol than standardlaunchers, Nova Launcher allows you to snapicons or widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells • Colorcontrols - for labels,folders, unread badges, drawer tabs andbackgrounds • Customize AppDrawer - Custom tabs, Vertical orHorizontal scrolling, Customeffects • Improved Widget Drawer -Widgets grouped by app makes itmuch faster to use • Infinitescroll - Never far from your favoritepage, loop through thedesktop or drawer continuously• Backup/Restore - Sophisticatedbackup/restore system allowing youto backup your desktop layoutand launcher settings • ScrollableDock - Create multiple docks andscroll between them • Widgets indock - Place any widget in yourdock, such as a 4x1 music playerwidget • Import Layout - No needto rebuild your desktop fromscratch, Nova Launcher can import frommost popular launchers.Including the one that came with yourphone. • Fast - Nova Launcheris highly optimized to do it's workquickly and quietly, keeping theanimations smooth and letting youuse your phone as fast as you canmove your fingers. Nova LauncherPrime Unlock the following extrasby purchasing Nova Launcher Prime• Gestures - Swipe, pinch, doubletap and more on the home screento open your favorite apps • UnreadCounts - Never miss a message.Unread count badges for Hangouts,SMS, Gmail and more using theTeslaUnread plugin • Custom DrawerGroups - Create new tabs orfolders in the app drawer • Hide Apps -Keep a clean app drawer byhiding never used apps • Icon Swipes -Set custom actions forswiping on app shortcuts or folders • Morescroll effects - Such asWipe, Accordion, and Throw This app usesthe Device Administratorpermission for optional screen off/lockfunctionality.
Advanced Signal Status 1.5.7
Samsung devices running Android 5.0 (lollipop) or later requirearooted device with SuperSU 2.49 beta or newer in order to usetheadditional settings shortcut. I won't be responding anymoretoreviews/emails telling me the "additional settingsshortcut"doesn't work for devices without root and rooted devicesthat don'thave at least SuperSU version 2.49 beta. If you need thatshortcutto work, please follow directions and root your devicebeforeblaming me or telling me it doesn't work. The shortcut doesworkfor most other rooted Android 5.0 devices and tested on mystockMoto (2014) X and Nexus 5. Android 4.x devices (not Samsung)workwithout root 99% of the time --- What do this app do? --- ►Togglebetween 3G and 4G with a few clicks for nearly anydeviceregardless of manufacturer. ► View all statistics yourcarrier usesto determine signal quality and 3G to 4G hand offs forCDMA, LTEand HSPA/HSPA+ in real time. ► Easy to read 3G and 4Gstatistics inpercentages based on the max/min values instead ofjust decibels. ►Quick access to info you can reference when youneed to complain toyour carrier about poor reception in your area.► Find dead spotsaround your home/office that affect phone calls,but not data (ordata, but not phone calls). ► Reception quality canbe misleadingwith bars only. See all the data Android and yourcarrier hidesfrom you to determine signal quality and how itvaries. ► Access tolow level information about your previous andcurrent wificonnections, including the current signal in decibels.Annoyed atthe lack of network signal information for your Androidphone yourcarrier hides from you? Can't switch between 3G and LTEeasily withyour phone? Wish you could know more about thestatistics yourcarrier uses to determine many bars your phone hasand the tower itconnects to? Want to see what your 3g and 4gsignals are at thesame time and also switch between them easily?Try out this freeapp and see all that information you've beenmissing when you couldonly look at number of bars and one signalunder status settings.Also includes hidden configuration settings(cell radioconfiguration, wifi config, battery info) normallyinvisible tousers. Compare your signal quality based on percentagesinstead ofjust decibels. Now, you can instantly see how great eachsignalreading is for your device based on a scale of 0% (worst) to100%(best). Percentages are configured to give the best readingforyour carrier by default. Use the info contained in this apptomonitor your current signal and find dead spots around yourhomeand office. Also useful for complaining to tier 2 tech supportwithyour carrier when your signal sucks. Be informed and use whattheyknow to your advantage! **If you want this app in anotherlanguage,please contact me either on the forums or with the listedemailhere to help. Translating can be done by anyonevia **Appworks best for phones with either a CMDA or LTE dataconnection,but I offer as much GSM info as I can provide. If itdoes not workwith your device, please contact me at my email and Ican work withyou to find out the issue. Note: not all informationmay beavailable depending on the OEM/OS. Info not displayed willshow as"N/A". If the advanced area button causes the app to crash,it'syour device and not me, sorry (not much I can do other thanremovethe button for your device only). It's an activity added tothepure Android OS and can be restricted by manufacturers(suchcertain Samsung ones). == PERMISSIONS ==CHANGE_NETWORK_STATEACCESS_NETWORK_STATE ↑ because the app won'tshow anything usefulwithout those ↑ INTERNET ↑ for the tiny bannerad I have ↑ACCESS_SUPERUSER ↑ Used only as a fallback for devicesthat can'taccess additional settings. I don't collect or store anypersonalinformation. Source Code:
HTTP Injector - (SSH/Proxy/VPN) 4.4.2
HTTP Injector is a professional VPN tool to browse theInternetprivately and securely with custom HTTP header support. Itworks asan universal SSH/Proxy/SSL Tunnel/Shadowsocks client tohelp youaccess blocked websites behind firewall. Besides that italsoencrypts your connection so that you can surf theinternetprivately and securely. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOUDOWNLOADThis tools is for professional users only Access anywebsite andservice on the Internet and secure your identity. SecureyourAndroid device from hackers and online threats when using apublicWiFi. Manual: Features:-Secure your connection using SSH or Shadowsocks tunnel - Norootneeded - Specify alternate proxy servers to send a requestthrough- Provide alternate headers and ability to strip headersfromincoming http responses - DNS Changer - Build in Host CheckerandIP Hunter - Build in SSH client - Build in Shadowdowsocks client-Payload Generator - Apps Filter - Support Android 4.0 toAndroid9.0 - Google DNS / DNS Proxy - Data Compression - IP Route-Battery saver - Hotshare - Tether Unlock - Ability to changebuffersize, etc Tunnel Types - HTTP Proxy + SSH - SSH Only -Shadowsocks- SSL (TLS) Provider Mode - Exported config is encrypted- Lock andprotect the settings from users - Set custom message forcustomer -Hardware ID lock How to use: >> Import config filecreated byother users (You can find it in your local group/groupchats) or>> Open payload generator and press generate (noneed toadjust settings) and select one of our server to connect -Crashingor having problem? Email us to get it resolvedGuide: Liteversion:Get lightweight version of HTTP Injector at-
Digital Clock Widget 3.0.2
Digital clock widget is a home screen digital time anddatewidgetfor Android. It looks just like the one on theiPhoneunlockscreen.Features:· Lots of customizations· Supportwidgetresizing(long tap to enter resize mode)· Changes take effectinreal-time·Select millions of colours for the time and date withaRGB colorpicker· Select different background colours· Displaynextalarm·App picker for selecting widget shortcut·Supportdifferenttime/date formats· Supports Android 4.2 or above·MaterialdesignUI· Android tablet friendly!
QuickShortcutMaker 2.4.0
This app can create a shortcut to an application from the listofactivities which are installed on your phone. Even if somanyapplications are installed, you can choose an activitysmoothly.You can also use the QuickShortcutMaker for searching theapp whichyou want to launch. If you want to use the app which youdon't usefrequently, maybe you have no shortcuts for it. So, youmay have tosearch the app from a list of many apps. Even if youknow the nameof the app, it's hard to find it. In this situation,theQuickShortcutMaker will help you finding the app. Please try!Thismay be useful. But please use it at your own risk! You canmakeshortcuts to hidden setting screens which are usuallynotaccessible. Even if you encountered any problems using this apporshortcuts created by this app, I don't have anyresponsibilityabout that. Please be sure to use this app at yourown risk. AboutInternet access permission: From the version 2.0.1,for a morerapid improvement of the app, you will be requested anadditionalpermission to access network so that the app can send adetailederror report to developer. The app uses network only tosend errorreports. And when it communicates, a confirmation messagewill bedisplayed, so please rest assured. for Launcher3 ofCyanogenmod Ifyou cannot create shortcut, please try the followingsteps: 1.Long-tap the home screen. 2. Tap "WIDGETS". 3.Long-tap"Activities" which has the QuickShortcutMaker's icon. 4.Drag it tosomewhere on the screen. 5. QuickShortcutMaker will belaunched. 6.Select an activity, edit it, and tap "Create". 7. Ashortcut willbe created on the home screen. Follow the updatesGoogle+ Recent updates: (v2.4.0) -AddedItalian and Arabic translations. - Adapted to AndroidPhone7theme.- Changed dialog UI. - Fixed a bug that the shortcut forGooglePlay cannot be opened. - Added function to ask you to ratethisapp. (Forgive me if you don't like such a thing.) (v2.3.0) -Addedtranslations to many languages. (Français, Español,Português,Polski, 한국어, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), Bahasa Indonesia) - Addedsupport forsome other themes. (Atom / Solo, etc.) - Added severalotherimprovements. (v2.2.0) - It is now possible to operatemultipleitems from the activity list by long-tapping the items. Youcan addthem to favorites or share. - Changed the text format inwhich toshare the application information. - Added the types ofthemes thatcan be selected icon (ADW / Nova / Apex / LauncherPro /GO / Holo).- Added the number of icons in the list of themes. -Changed the UIof shortcut editing screen. - Added Germantranslation. - Added alot of improvements. (v2.1.0) - Added supportfor tablet devices. -Added function to share app information astext. - Improved UI ofsome screens. - Fixed some bugs. (v2.0.3) -Added function to openthe App info screen from the shortcut editingscreen. (Android 2.3or later only) - Fixed a minor bug and UI.(v2.0.2) - Fixed a bugthat the app crashes while searching at acertain condition.(v2.0.1) - Added error report function to senddetailed informationwhen the app crashes or when you see "Failed toload" message. -Reduced consumption of the memory so that themodels which havelow-memory not to crash. - Search results can besorted order bynames. - Increased speed of search. - Fixed a bug onsetting icon.- Fixed a bug that the icon becomes smaller when youuse the app ontablets. (v2.0.0) - Added history and favoritefeatures. - AppliedAndroid 4.0(ICS) UI style. - Activity list isnow grouped by app. -Fixed some bugs. Keywords quick, shortcut,maker, create
Explorer 3.4.3
Explorer is perfect for organizing your internal storage and SDcardcontents. Simple, with a smooth intuitive interface. You canalsoeasily access your cloud and network files. Features include:•Multiple tabs - Easily navigate between different locationsbyswiping or clicking on a tab • Google Drive, Box, DropboxandNetwork (SMB) support • Multiple themes (Light, dark andhomewallpaper) • Built in Text Editor • Create and extract zip ortarfiles • Extract rar archives • Perform long runningoperations(e.g. copy, move) in the background • Stream video andaudio filesfrom network and cloud to media player applications •Create homescreen shortcuts to files and folders • Customisableicon sets •Send files (via email, bluetooth etc) • Built in SQLitedatabaseviewer • Bookmark frequently used files and folders •Searchfunction • "Open With" facility allowing files to be openedas ageneric type or by using specific apps • View file andfolderproperties including size, date, MD5 checksum For fast,friendlysupport simply email us: [email protected] 11 languages including: English, French, Spanish,Italian,German, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Danish, Russian andPortuguese.Permissions: • Full network access - Required fornetwork and cloudaccess. No information is passed to us over theinternet. • Add orremove accounts - Used by the Google Drive SDK toadd a new accountif desired. No changes are made to existingaccounts and no detailsaccessed apart from the account name. • Findaccounts on the device- Used to list available accounts for logginginto Google Drive. •Prevent from sleeping - Used to stop the devicesleeping duringlong operations so they are not interrupted.
SIM Tool Manager 4.1.8
sadens Studio
★★★★★ Very Easy and Fast to ↓↓↓ View SIM Card Information.ViewPhone Information. Import and Export Phone number. Delete orAddnew Phone number. Multi Delete Phone number. Sent message ormake acall from this app. Copy number and text into clipboard.Manage Simcontact number. Back up SIM phone number into Sdcard.Import phonenumber from Sdcard to your Sim card. Export phonenumber from simcard to PhoneBook. Import phone number fromPhoneBook to sim card.Add new phone number into Sim card. SIM CARDINFORMATION: Sim cardstatus. Sim operator. Sim country location.Sim operator code.Network type. dBm level monitoring - Removed ASUlevel monitoring -Removed Signal strength monitoring - Removed Simserial number.Subcriber ID/IMSI. Voice mail number. Active Roaming.YES or NO.SMS capable support YES or NO. Voice capable support YESor NO. Inthe SIM Info, now posible to save and share sim details tosomepeople! PHONE INFORMATION: Phone number. (now posible toaddmanualy phone number if your phone number is not visible!)Phonetype. (type of your phone) Model. (model of your phone)IMEInumber. Serial number. (serial number of your phone) In thePhoneInfo, now posible to save and share phone details to somepeople.PERMISSION REQUIRED: We need permission below to accessourfeature. We don't collect data and user information.Thepermissions we requested are only for running the main featuresofour application. 1. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to import/exportcontactfrom SD Card and to SD Card. 2. READ_CONTACTS to displaycontact.3. WRITE_CONTACTS to adding and save contact. If you haveanyquestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
Icon Torch - Flashlight 1.0
The most simple LED flashlight! Features: - There is no interface;-No advertising; - No settings; - Is not a widget; - Free; - Notagreat size; - Bright. Description: This flashlight fromtheinterface only has an icon. Place the label flashlight inaconvenient place for you. It can be a desktop, quick launchbar,the bottom navigation bar, or in the notification bar (withthehelp of third-party software), and more ... To activatetheflashlight, press the shortcut. To turn off - press again. Innoflashlight settings. In order to have these settings, myapp"Flashlight on the powerbutton" which it will be possible to adjust the vibration on / offandauto shut off. And also other interesting features. WARNING!ThisNOT WIDGET , the icon will not change its state (color,shape,etc.), Depending on whether the LED is lit or not. Donate Youcanbuy a paid version of this flashlightPayPal: WebMoney WMZ: Z305554935639WME:E593470543143 WMR: R748988480372 YandexMoney:
Root Checker
Verify proper root (superuser or su) access is configuredandworking using Root Checker! Free, fast, easy, and used on over10million Android devices, Root Checker shows the user whether ornotroot (superuser) access is properly installed and working.Thisapplication provides even the newest Android user with asimplemethod to check their device for root (administrator,superuser, orsu) access. The application provides a very simpleuser interfacethat easily notifies the user whether or not theyhave properlysetup root (superuser) access. *Feel free to email mewith anyquestions. I always reply!* This application will test thedevicefor root (superuser) access using a very simple, quick,andreliable method that has been successful for over 10millionAndroid devices. The su binary is the most common binaryused onAndroid devices to grant and manage root (superuser) access.RootChecker will check and verify that the su binary is located inastandard location on the device. In addition, Root Checkerwillverify that the su binary is properly functioning in grantingroot(superuser) access. Many times users experience issues alongthepath of installing, configuring, and gaining root access. Forsomeusers the process can seem complex while for others the processcanseem simple. Regardless of the user's technical skill set,RootChecker, will quickly and correctly verify whether or notrootaccess is 100% functioning. The process of confirming rootaccessis sometimes known by other terms such as, gaining superuseraccessor gaining administrator access. Root Checker covers alltheseterms as they relate to one core function, being able toexecutecommands through the su binary with root access. If theSuperusermanagement applications (SuperSU, Superuser, etc.) areinstalledand working properly, these applications will prompt theuser toaccept or deny the root access request from Root Checker.Acceptingthe request will allow Root Checker to check for andconfirm rootaccess. Denying the request will result in Root Checkerreportingno root access. Please don't leave negative feedback aboutaconcern, bug or issue! Instead, please email me, tweet me,contactme on my web site -, IRC, or ontheforums (XDA, RootzWiki, SDX, etc.) with your feedback,suggestionsand comments! FacebookAdChoices: I do my best toassist asmany people as possible and appreciate all the supportthat hasmade this application successful! Thank you!
MK Explorer (File manager) 2.5.4
MK Explorer is another simple file manager.Features andfunctions:✓Material Design✓ Of course: delete, copy, paste, andmove✓ Twowindows (panels) to view files ✓ Shortcuts on the desktopdirectlyfrom the main application ✓ Keyboard Shortcuts ✓ Searchengine forfiles ✓ Thumbnails of images, videos and APK files ✓Extracting ZIPand RAR archives✓ Compression to ZIP✓ Root access✓Android 5+ SDCard support✓ Adapted to smartphones, tablets 7 and 10inch ✓Built-in gallery✓ Built-in text editor✓ Built-in musicplayer✓Supports 20 languagesTranslations:✓ If you would like tohelp withtranslation to your language or if you would like tocomplete acurrent translation please contact me:)Permissions:✓WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - need to write files✓READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- need to read files✓ INSTALL_SHORTCUT - needto add shortcut todesktop ✓ ACCESS_SUPERUSER - need to get accessto root✓ WAKE_LOCK- need to properly perform operations on fileswhen the screen isoff✓ WRITE_SETTINGS - need to set audio files asa ringtone
Lean Launcher 1.1.9
An open source, lightweight, customisable, lean launcher. Thesourcecode can be found at the following GitHubrepository: This app usesthe DeviceAdministrator permission. This is required for double tapto securelock your device. Notification dots Search UI - bottomsearch bar -app search bar - app suggestions - voice searchshortcut Look &Feel - light, dark, or automatic theme based onyour wallpaper -optional black colors for dark theme - changeablegrid counts -changeable icon sizes - optional swipe indicator Editapps - hideapps from your drawer - hide app name from the desktopor yourdrawer - changeable icon shape on android 8.0 or later -basic iconpack support - adaptive icon support for legacy apps,with optionaldynamic background color -- optional two line applabels Gestures& Actions - one finger swipe down fornotifications - twofinger swipe down for quick settings - doubletap to lock, witheither timeout or secure lock - customisable homebutton action onyour home screen Shortcuts - optional staticshortcuts - dynamicshortcuts from android 7.1 or later Other - homescreen rotation -option physical animations - optional transparentnavigation bar inyour drawer - lockable desktop
TSF Launcher 3D Shell 3.9.3
TSF Launcher is a brand-new 3D launcher that will subvertyourconcept of the mobile device home screen operations. Itofferssmooth, unique and customized man-machine interactiveoperationexperience. You are allowed to define all the elements ofthe homescreen freely and efficiently. TSF Launcher keeps creatingnewfeatures and exclusive 3D widgets that will bring youamazingoperation experience and unprecedented visual.Mainfeatures:========================1.Fantastic animationtransitioneffects. All operations, including deletion, addition,menushowing-up or vanishing, are provided with natural, glaringandbutter-smooth animation transition effects.2.Miraculousandeffective 3D home screen switching mode and freewheelinghomescreen element layout mode. More than 10 independent layouthomescreens supported. 3.Unlimited dock bar. Ability to changeitsposition, length and angle as well as to modify the size andthestatus (hidden or showed) of icons and folders in the dock bar.Youcan open the apps and the folders in the dock bar withwave-slidingmode. 4.Batch icon selecting for home screens, foldersand dockbar.5.More than 10 TSF Launcher exclusive widgets, such asMessage,Clock, Weather, Memo, Music, Gallery etc. All 3D widgetsprovideunique visual and operative experience.6.More than 9gesturessupported for Android shortcuts, e.g. app launching, phonecall,sms, as well as TSF Launcher shortcuts, e.g. home screenswitching,status bar hiding, TSF Launcher side bar hiding. 7.TSFLauncherArch Shortcut Menu with special animation effects andoperativeexperience. Ability to complete quick custom shortcutoperations onany home screen.8.Pioneering icon editing tool.Ability tocustomize icon back image, upon image, text label style,etc.9.Manynice free third-party themes are available.10.Funny andintuitiveTSF Launcher settings menu. You can preview thecorrespondingsettings directly.========================We areworking constantlyto improve TSF Launcher. We update our productand widgetsregularly. Please check for updates often to insure youreceive thebest experience. ========================■ FollowUsFacebook:■ ContactUsE-mail:[email protected]: comments or suggestions to improve our product."
GO Switch Widget 1.81
GOMO Limited
GO Switch Widget provides you a fast way to turn on/offthefunctions in common use, such as Wifi, GPS, brightness,screenlock,flashlight, battery etc. In 4x1 style, up to 12 togglesand 2controls are supported. Compare to other switch widgets, youcanjust simply drag the toggles to change their positions inthewidget. Moreover, like other GOWidgets, theme is also supported.Tomake it work, you must install the latest version of GO LauncherEXwhich is the most popular home launcher app in AndroidMarket.Freetools for you: Flashlight , QR Scanner , Timer How touninstall?Tolock screen, the widget must be set as the deviceadministrator.Once it's done, you cannot uninstall the widgetdirectly like othernormal GOWidgets. If you happen to uninstall it,you can follow theinstruction below:Enter the "Settings" menu ->"Location andsecurity" -> "Select device administrators" ->Make sure "GOSwitch Widget" is not selected -> Then uninstalltheAvailableSize:-4x1-1x1Since GO Switch Widget has the right tolock screen,to UNINSTALL it, you must execute the steps belowfirst.Press the"menu" button in home screen of GO Launcher EX ->Select"Settings" -> Select "Location and Security" ->Select"Select device administrators" -> Make sure "GO SwitchWidget"is not selected. Then try uninstall the widget like otherusualapplications.Some toggles may be out of work after your GOSwitchWidget is upgraded. Please refer to the instruction below tofigurethem out.For the WiFi toggle (the instruction may be variedalittle in different phones)Settings -> Wireless andnetwork-> Wi-Fi settings -> Unselect “WiFi” -> Then trythe WiFitoggle in the widget to open the WiFi network.For theBluetoothtoggle (the instruction may be varied a little indifferentphones)Settings -> Wireless and network -> Bluetoothsettings-> Unselect “Bluetooth” -> Then try the Bluetoothtoggle inthe widget to open the Bluetooth function. For the screenlocktoggle (the instruction may be varied a little indifferentphones)Settings -> Location and security -> Selectdeviceadministrators -> Unselect “GO Switch Widget” -> Thentry the“screen lock” toggle in the widget to lock thescreen.Actions:-Wifi, Ringer, Brightness, Bluetooth, MobileNetwork,GPS, Auto-sync,Airplane mode, Auto-rotate, Vibrate, ScreenTimeout,Lock screen,Ringer volume, Media volume- Toggle positionmodificationHow to addGOWidgets to your home screen?- Long press onyour home screen inGO Launcher EX. Press the GOWidget option andchoose the widget youlike. Make sure you have enough room for thewidget.
MTK Engineering Mode 1.2
This Application allow you to run Advanced Setup fromEngineeringMode Menu of MTK phones, also called SERVICE MODEItdon't need yourposition like Mobileuncle will work onlyon MediaTekbased Phones..Use the secret menu carefully.. if youdon't knowwhat you are doing... don't do it!!
More Shortcuts 1.3.2
ChYK the dev.
* This app requires Device Admin privileges to implement the"Screenoff and lock" feature.* This app uses accessibility servicetoimplement some features.* The video is from an articleofWonderHowTo:!Somefeaturesof this application are implemented by non-open(unofficial) API ofAndroid framework.This means that they are notguaranteed to workproperly on all Android devices.Please do notgive less stars justbecause it does not work onyourdevice.---------------------------------------------------Youcancreate more shortcuts with this app.Currently supportedshortcuts:- Activities - Hidden activities cannot be access inlaunchers-Contents - Opennable content such as Video, Photo, Audio,Documentsand so on.- Flash - Turn on the flash (camera light) whenyou clickthe shortcut.- Screen off and lock- Internet URL- Ringermode:mute, vibrate, normal- wifi/mobile data: on/off (not supportedonLollipop)- Bluetooth: on/off- Expand notification/settingspanel-Open recent apps- Screen brightness- Advanced- and so on...
Oasis Feng
Featured as Lifehacker's Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best AndroidApps(, Android Authority's Top 3 Best RootApps( "Aggressive Doze" and "Doze on the Go"tomaximize the battery saving on Android 6+, even withoutroot!(details explained in settings) Never should your phone ortabletbecome slower and battery hungrier after lots of appsinstalled.With Greenify, your device can run almost as smoothly andlastinglyas it did the first day you had it! Greenify help youidentify andput the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you arenot activelyusing them, to stop them from lagging your device orleeching thebattery, in a unique way! They can do nothing withoutexplicitlaunch by you or other apps, while still preservingfullfunctionality when running in foreground. Please report bugs intheXDA forum ( or G+community( Greenify NEVER EVER collects yourpersonaldata despite the capability of accessibility service, itjust takesadvantage of it to automate the hibernation procedure.IMPORTANT:Greenifying an app implies that you are aware that allthebackground functionality (service, periodic task, eventreceiver,alarm, widget update, push message) of this app willbecome out ofservice during the hibernation except when you areusing this app.NEVER greenify alarm clock apps, instant messagingapps unless youdon't rely on them. Please do verify the impact ofgreenified appson which you heavily rely. Note: Greenify does needbackgroundrunning services for auto-hibernation to work. It isdesigned andimplemented in extremely lightweight and nearly zeroCPU andbattery consumption. === PERMISSIONS === DEVICE ADMIN: Thisappuses administrator privilege to turn off the screenimmediatelyafter automated hibernation on non-root devices. Thispermissionwill be requested explicitly for your consent only ifrequired.DRAW OVER OTHER APP: To dim the screen during automatichibernationwhen the screen is expected to be off. DISABLE SCREENLOCK &BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE: For automatic hibernation towork onnon-root devices. GET ACCOUNTS & WRITE SYNC SETTINGS:Controlthe account sync of apps if its sync task is too frequent.This appuses Accessibility services, to automate the hibernationprocedure.=== FAQ === * It seems that automatic hibernation is notworking. *Some of my greenified apps (e.g. Google Maps) seemsnothibernating. * I want to greenify system apps! * De-greenifiedappsstill got no push notification! …… Read here: Translation === All translations arecreated by communityvolunteers and open for contribution: ===Donation === If you love Greenify, pleaseconsider the "donationpackage" ( for extraexperimental features: *Greenify system apps * In-depth detailsabout how apps behave onyour device * And more
Quiet Beach Scene Launcher 1.0.2
Wallpaper and icons of high popularity facelift applicationthatallows your phone's desktop more cute! [Quiet beach] cutefashionscene theme Dressup free application ① according to thescene toconduct facelift wallpaper, desktop shortcuts ② cute dressgadgetsthe main menu, press the scene were common shortcutsfacelift ③ canbe freely set a desktop shortcut open applicationThis freeapplication, ad-supported: AdMob, appbrain, in order tokeepupdated the application, and allow me to continue to improvethework, you will periodically receive advertising sponsors, I amverygrateful to you for your understanding and support. Usingthelatest equipment to test dynamic wallpaper, such as SamsungGalaxys6, S5, S4, S3, S2, Nexus7, HTC, LG and Sony Xperia. If youdo notsupport your device, please contact us. All materialsourcenetwork, if there are violations to your rights, pleasecontact us(E-Mail: [email protected])
NetCut 1.6.8
Official's netcut for android. netcut defenderbuilt-inRequire Root. NB: For Upgrade user, please reboot yourphone afterupgrade. or click Exit in new version and restart. bestway is toclean uninstall old version, reboot, and then install newversion.What you can do with's Android Netcut? 1. You canquicklydetect all network user in WIFI, even when your phone has novalidIP address or not been granted use wifi internet. as long asyouconnected to any WIFI,'s netcut can work. 2. Seton/offline to any network users, including phone/xbox,softphone,PS3, PS4etc. 3, You can cut off network between two network userswithinLAN , by set one of the user as "gateways" , then cut off theotherusers, then those two users won't beable to talk to eachother, eg:apple TV, Google TV, xiaomi box , cut off the phoneconnection tothose box, will disable screen cast like feature. 4.NetcutDefender built in. (turn on and off in one click) 5. Scannetworkwhen you feel there are users still on network and you can'tseeit. 6. Check phone type, netcut will be able list type ofphones.7. Give user easy to remember name. Long press any networkuser, apop up window will allow you input name for the user. 8,Detectattacker, if any one try to play arp spoof to you, you willbe ableto see it from netcut directly.
Double Tap 1.6.9
TTH Studios
DOUBLE TAPSave your hard power key, you only double tap homescreento turn off screen. Especially, we can double tap power icononAlways On Display to turn on screen without draining battery.Ifyour device does not have Always On Display, you cancoverproximity sensor to turn on screen.FEATURES * Double Taphomescreen to turn off screen. * Cover proximity sensor to turnonscreen (if not support Always On Display). * Double Tap powericonon Always On Display to turn on screen. * Provide a lockscreenshortcut on home screen.LIMITATION * You need adminpermission tolock screen it makes you cannot uninstall this appfrom homescreen. Please open the app and click uninstall to do it.* Fordevices support fingerprint you will not be able to usefingerprintafter double tap to lock screen, this is a securityproblem from MOS. We provided a solution for it we shorten screentimeout andshow digital clock before lock and you can usefingerprintnormally. * We need to activate app in Accessibility todetect youtap home screen and help app save battery.PRIVACYPOLICYYourprivacy is very important to us, we understand thisproblem and weensure this application not collect any userinformation to sharethird party. Below are detail permissions weused in theapplication.* BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Request admin devicepermission tosupport lock screen.* BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE Useaccessibilityservice to detect you are double-tapping homescreen*WRITE_SETTINGS Reduce screen timeout and show digital clocksupportunlock by fingerprint after screen lock* WAKE_LOCK Turn onscreen*BILLING Support purchase in app* INSTALL_SHORTCUT Createlockscreen shortcut on home screenFEEDBACKIf you have any problemwhileusing the application, please give us some comments we willcheckand update as soon as possible.Email: [email protected]
Internet Speed Meter Pro - Speed Test 1.8
Internet Speed Meter displays live internet speed and data usageperapp.Internet Speed Meter LiteDisplays your internet speed instatusbar(Download/upload) and shows the amount of data usedinnotification pane. This helps you to Monitor NetworkConnectionanytime while using your device.Internet speed boosterandoptimizer is best solution if your wifi or mobile network isslowto see internet current speed and be hopeful that soon Yourdevicewill finally load web site. Internet Speed Meter, speed test&monitor internet. Internet Speed Meter /Data UsageMonitor(speedtest & monitor internet) is check your wifi, 3G,4G, and Mobiledata used by per app.Internet Speed Meter 2018displays Liveinternet Speed, Wifi Speed and Data Usage Per app. Setbillingcycle with Specific Date and Limit For Metered as well asSpeedTest Meter.Data can be Drained and Speed Can be Sacrificed ifyoudon’t follow or measure your broadband speed. With NetworkSpeedtest, yet highly functional app you can make use of thebroadbandSpeed Checker and always see the speed on thenotificationpanel!Internet Speed 2018, One tap speed test makes itpossible toget Internet Speed Test result within 20 seconds. So,you could getthe result of WiFi speed test as soon as you want.Speedcheck Prois a fast internet speed meter. You can test speed injust onetap.Key Features- Real time speed update in status barandnotification.- Internet Speed Meter or Data Monitor orBandwidthMonitor or Speed Test Live Download and Upload Speed-Internetspeed indicator Measures all network speed accurately onGPRS, 3G,4G and wifi connections. Internet speed optimizer.- CheckDailytraffic usage in notification section bar internetspeedometer.-Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.-Monitors yourtraffic data for the last 30 days.- Battery efficient-Internetspeed indicator Measures all network speed accurately onGPRS, 3G,4G and wifi connections. Internet speed optimizer.-SimpleSpeedcheck is made for easy, fast and accurate internetspeedtesting. Internet speed reader show your internet speed ininternetspeed test.- Test internet speed kb, kbps internet speedlite,internet speed notification barInternet speed 4g fast networkischecked download and upload speed, ping, signal strength,networkname, internal and external IP and the test date.- Workswith alltypes of network (3G,4G & LTE, WiFi)- Simple, intuitivedesignand easy to use UI.- Internet Speed Meter is a Data ManagerwhoMonitor, Manage and count data usage.- 24x7 OfficialSupport.-Absolutely Free.SpeedTest-Internet Speed Meter,Notificationappears only when you are connected to internet. Youcan changepriority of notification. 4g Fast Speed Browser Test isfastest,smart and battery efficient way to check internet(Data)usage.Innotifications application displays current "InternetSpeed",available mobile data (by default monthly data plan is1024MB),today's mobile data usage and today's wifi data usage. InInternetSpeed Test application there are displayed available mobiledataand daily recommended data usage. SpeedTest - InternetSpeedMeter.Keywords :- Internet speed meter, Internet Speed Test,SpeedTest, Free Internet Speed, 4g Fast Speed Browser Test, HighSpeedInternet.
Computer File Manager 1.2
Computer File ManagerFeatures List:* File ManagerManage yourfiles(file explorer) like you do on your desktop or laptopusingMultiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete,Rename,Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, andBookmark;*Application Manager – categorize, uninstall, backup, andcreateshortcuts to your apps* 3 sets of commercial icons for80+different file types, toolbar and menu items* Multipleresolutionssupport* Support languages (coming soon)* List and gridview forfile explorer* Compress and decompress support* Search andsharefiles* Multiple selection and various sorting support*Thumbnailfor photo, video and apk files* Support file shortcut onHomescreen for easily access* Basic features like cut, copy,delete,compress, extract etc. easily accessible- Work on multipletabs atsame time- SMB(windows) file sharing- Multiple themes withcoolicons- Navigation drawer for quick navigation- App Manager toopen,backup, or directly uninstall any app- Quickly accesshistory,access bookmarks or search for any file- Root explorer foradvancedusers- and the list goes on...* Attractive materialDesignUI/UXLight & smoothSimple & cleanMulti themessupport* AppManagerBackup appsUnistall appsShare appsPlay store applink* FTPServerDownload files and folders from your phone* HiddenFilesHideany file on you device
App Update Checker
This app will help you to check for updates of all theappsinstalled on your phone. The app will list out all the appsthathas update available and also provide all details of the app.Theapp displays following essential information : - Current versionofthe app - Update version of the app - Package id of the app -Apptitle - Last modified date of app - Installation date of theappYou just need to open the application and click on the app youwantto update from the app list. The list is divided intoinstalledapplication and system application.
Holo Launcher 3.1.2
New Holo Launcher based on the Marshmallow stock launcher,onlyworks on Android 4.1+ devices.If you like the old Holo Launcherforyour old devices, please find it on the Play Store.BasicFeatures:-Full material design.- Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9desktoppages and 10 x 10 grid.- Scrollable Dock: Up to 7 icons perpageand up to 3 pages.- Infinite Scrolling- Gestures: Swipe up/downondesktop to launch apps quickly.- Customizableshortcut/foldericons- Customizable icon label color- Apply iconpacks, support ADWicon pack and Launcherpro icon pack.- Long pressto edit mode-Other Customization Options: Keep in memory, home keyaction, hideapps in drawer, hide labels, etc.Plus Features (NeedHolo LauncherPlus):* Unread count notifications for call, sms,gmail and K-9mail* Customizable notification badge color* Moredesktop gestures:Pinch in/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap*Icon Swipe up/downgestures* Support Go Launcher icon pack* Moretransition effects*Widgets overlapping* Other enhancement andcustomization options
Network Mode 1.0
Ather Akber
recently, i got an update on my HTC One m8 to android 4.4.4,andthat update removed the option for "2G" only Mode in thePreferredNetwork Mode, so i made this little app to bring itback:)android:minSdkVersion="14"android:targetSdkVersion="19"!!!PleaseUseat your Own Risk since this also lets you edit other radiorelatedsettings!!!!
Screen Cleaner Show Wallpaper 1.0.8
The Desktop Cleaner Widget hides your apps and widgets withonetouch. The view on your desktop wallpaper has never beencleaner.Works with Live Wallpapers too.The Cleaner. Show desktopwallpaperand hide desktop widgets and icons, shortcut to a cleanand clearview of your wallpaper with a small toggle widget Graphicsby DavidFraser, thx!
Net Master - Speed Test 2.0.4
What do you expect from a great Network Master app?​NetworkBoost,Speed Test, Security Check, Signal Enhance, Data Monitor,​FreeWiFi, Wi-Fi Spy Detect​. —— Net Master(Speed Test) has all youwant!!!It is exactly the best Network Master app you are lookingfor.★Boost ​Your phone is slower?Network Boost​ can improveyourphone speed by ​stopping background apps that using networkormemory, give all the broadband and CPU to the app you areusing.★Speed Test ​Net Master(Speed Test) can test your downloadspeed,upload speed and PING time, very accurate andprofessional.Real-time speed is also shown in dashboard​.★ Wi-FiSpy Detect​Check how many devices are sharing the bandwidth andwhat their MACaddress are to protect your Wi-Fi. ★ SecurityCheck ExceptBoost and Speed Test, ​Net Master(Speed Test) also hasan SecurityCheck feature.Check your network's security​, Net Masterprotectyour phone from insecure public Wi-Fi & phishing hotspotbydetecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing.​★ SignalEnhanceSignal too weak?Why not try Signal Strength Enhance, Makeyoursignal strong immediately!Net Master can enhancing the signal,giveyou the best network experience.​★ Data Monitor ​Monitor mobileandWi-Fi data usage listed by day and month.Data Monitor alsosendnotification to you when your mobile data is about to runout.★Free Wi-Fi​ Lots of Free Wi-Fi hot spot shared by users aroundtheworld. Easy to find the nearby FREE Wi-Fi foryou.★Multi-Language​ Available in English, Indonesia, Portuguese​andSpanish.​ This Network Master app can be used for allpeople.★Feedback​ You are welcome to contact Net Master developerby Email:[email protected]✓ Here is your best network masterandnetwork manager, don’t hesitate to download it!​
Screen Lock & Unlock Screen 3.8
Slight Studio
You have trouble with your Lock/Unlock button? Pressing thebuttontoo many time may cause damage to it. As the result,yourLock/Unlock button is hard to press or even malfunctioned.Withthis app you can Lock/Unlock your phone without touchingthebutton. This is the best app to lock screen with consumelessresources and save battery power. **To Deactivate the app,pleaseopen app and click the "Inactive/Uninstall" button**Afterinstalling this free app, your phone has become smarter withthefollowing superior functions: ★ Turn Off Screen + Screen offvianotification with one touch. You can turn off screen in theLockscreen + Double-Click HOME button to lock quickly + AddshortcutsScreen Off Button on the screen + Widget and Shortcut toeasy lockyour phone + Or you can set to Unlock when you open theapp + Easyto use + Support Android 8+ ★ Turn On Screen + Turn onscreen bypressing the volume keys up or down + Shake to unlockdevice. Allowyou to customize the shake strength + Double tap toturn on screen★ Note + This app uses the Device Administratorpermission + Touninstall app, open and click uninstall button + Ifyou settingunlock with Fingerpint, Iris Scanner or FaceRecognition. When youuse this to lock, may be take a short time toyour phone turn off ★Feel free to contact or give [email protected]
4G LTE Switch 3.1
It is common that all smart devices get switched to 2G or 3Gnetworkmode if there is no 4G coverage available. But some devicesfaceissues for switching to 4G LTE mode even though there isenough LTEcoverage. If you are in middle of such issues, here isan app. 4GLTE Only Mode Switch app helps you to find and searchfor 4G LTEsignal. Once you locked to 4G Mode, no other 2g/3gsignals won't becatch by your phone so your device will always bein 4G Network.
Network Master - Speed Test 1.9.76
Network Master is a free WiFi network tool,net signal with netspeedtest. WiFi speed test also a signal booster provides onlinesecurity& speed up internet. Do you have issues with slowspeedinternet, disconnect from the internet or online security?UsingNetwork Master, you can identify phishing Wi-Fi hotspots toprotectonline security, this network speed test app can find fastWiFihotspots, detect all devices connected to network analyzerpro,speed up phone by terminating unauthorized background apps,monitordata usage and share portable hotspots with net speedmaster app.Network Master is the all-in-one professional tool forbetter WiFispeed experience. Just one tap, you’ll be the net speedmaster ofAndroid. Network Master-Highlights - Speed up internet:maximizenetwork speed - WiFi speed test: test network speed - WiFispydetect: protect network security -Monitor mobile data: monitorWiFidata usage -Network booster: refresh net speed NetSpeedMaster-Features ●Maximize network speed This personalhotspotbooster view apps network usage in real-time and preservebandwidthfor important apps automatically such as online game,online videoand downloader app. Like network speed test master app,WiFinetwork also test network speed to find fast WiFihotspots.●Security Check As a wireless network speed master app,net speedmaster WiFi spy detect protect online security to avoidinsecurepublic WiFi or phishing hotspots, by detecting DNShijacking, ARPspoofing and SSL hijacking. ●Speed up phone bystopping backgroundapps Net speed app helps detect and stop appsfrom using cellularor WiFi data in the background secretly andunauthorizedly,ensuring authorized apps to have maximized bandwidthand connectionspeed, remind you the apps network usage, it’s all intest networkspeed app. ●Speed Test Master Speed test master app isan Internetspeed meter to test network speed. Speed test master cantest speedfor your mobile cellular connections like WiFi hotspotand so on.This wireless network speed test app will test internetspeedthrough thousands of servers worldwide, speed up internet andshowaccurate broadband speed test apps results within 30seconds.●Professional Speedometer Using this network WiFi speedcheck,real-time testing of download and DNS resolved speed. Speedtest ofnet signal master works on both cellular and device WiFi,WiFispeed test can troubleshoot and verify the speed WiFinetwork.●WiFi Spy Detector Net signal master monitors all devicesconnectedon WiFi hotspot. You can evaluate security levels, detectintrudersand resolve internet issues. This WiFi spy detectorprotect onlinesecurity to avoid insecure public WiFi or phishinghotspots, bydetecting DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and SSLhijacking. ●Networkboost How does our network booster work? Netbooster is aspecialized WiFi optimization tool. Signal boosterworks byrefreshing current network. ●Resolve network issues Monitorappsnet work usage 24/7 and show accurate info instantly. Send analertto you when apps are wasting data or near your data limits.●Avastonline security Protect yourself against viruses and malwarethatcause popups and unwanted ads with avast online security,●Helpfight against deceptive ads Net speed app is committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. ●Share Portable Hotspot Turnyourmobile phone into a router and share your mobile network withyourfriends. Network Master is committed to fighting againstdeceptiveand misleading ads. You can find our full official policyon thismatter here: Ifyou comeacross one of these ads, please report tous:[email protected] The more detailed, the better.
KPNTunnel Revolution (Official) 1.4 Stable
KPN Software
What the "Revolution" project/series/edition of KPNTunnel???>Continuously project with more experiment and new freshlightweightstyle project for KPN Tunnel (Official).> Pure writefrom zerofor better performance core and better lightweightstyle.> FirstApp tunneling through built-in SSH Tunnel overSSL/TLS Connection.(why ? . i know SSH Tunneling is secure, but wefeel it's notenough so we added more secure method with SSL/TLSconnection). Youcan see how to use SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS in"About" of this App.*Features:+ Direct Proxy. (Tunneling throughSSH Tunnel Directly toSSH Server).+ Direct SSL/TLS. (Tunnelingthrough SSH TunnelDirectly to SSH Server over SSL/TLS Connection).+HTTP Proxy.(Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over HTTP Proxy)+ SSL/TLSProxy.(Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Proxy).+ SSL/TLSProxy> HTTP Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel with TLS/SSLoverHTTP Proxy).+ many more...Bugs/Issue ? - Android 4.0 OnlysupportTLSv1 and SSLv3 only (Android System), so your TLS/SSLserver mustbe used/enabled TLSv1 and SSLv3. - Android 4.1-4.2TLSv1.1 andTLSv1.2 not enabled by System Default like Android 5.0+,so we addforce enabling TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for more secure update.- Iffound other issue(s)/bug(s), please contact me. :)* NeedRootedDevice ?> Some features is needed like: + VPN Tether(bypass allHotspot Tether through Vpn Interface). + and soon we addmorefeatures.* SSH+SSL Server Requiment: + If use TLS/SSL mode youmustbe install and setup the stunnel4 library. you can get theoriginalstunnel4 library in + You can search"how tosetup/install stunnel4" in search engine like google, yahoo,bing,etc for your OS used by your Virtual Private Server (VPS). +InProxy Type Mode "Direct TLS/SSL" & " TLS/SSL Proxy >HTTPProxy" please setup stunnel to connect with ssh(dropbear/openssh)server port. + In Proxy Type Mode "TLS/SSL Proxy"please setupstunnel to connect with squid port. + We Recommended toenable allTLS and SSL protocol version for keep support withandroid 4.0until newer, why ? See issue/bugs on above.* TLS/SSLClient Side(KPNTunnel Revolution App): + We use method of TLS/SSLSocket usingTrustAll Cert (X509 Certificate), so you don't need aclient key& cert from SSL Server. I know this method is lesssecure, soin other version of update we can add support client key& certfor get better secure connection. :)
Holo Launcher for ICS 3.1.2
Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable homereplacement,based on Launcher2. Basic Features: - Full Jelly BeanLauncherFeatures - Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9 desktop pagesand 10x 10 grid - Custom Drawer Portrait/landscape Grid -ScrollableDock: Up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages - InfiniteScrolling- Gestures: Swipe up/down on desktop to launch appsquickly -Customizable shortcut/folder icons - Customizable iconlabel color- Apply icon packs, support ADW icon pack andLauncherpro icon pack- Desktop Previews: Pinch to access desktoppreviews - Backup andRestore: Backup and restore your settings andshortcuts - OtherCustomization Options: Keep in memory, home keyaction, hide appsin drawer, hide labels, etc Plus Features (NeedHolo LauncherPlus): * Unlimited configurable drawer tabs * Unreadcountnotifications for call, sms, gmail and K-9 mail *Customizablenotification badge color * More desktop gestures: Pinchin/out, TwoFinger Swipe and Double-tap * Dock icon Swipe up/downgestures *Support Go Launcher icon pack * More transition effects *Widgetsoverlapping * 1x1 widgets in dock * Other enhancementandcustomization options
File Manager & Clean Booster 1.8.7
Tools Dev
A file manager, file explorer, file wireless transfer andfilecommander, Take control over your files! File Manager &CleanBooster, is a full-featured file manager that allows you tohandleall your files with a intuitive and clean interface. Alsoit's asmall, fast, and smart Android device cleaner andperformancebooster, featuring a junk cleaner, memory booster,deviceoptimizer, app manager. File Manager * Browse and accessfiles bycategory((Images, Music, Videos,Documents, app, zip) *Manage yourfiles with search, cut, copy, paste, rename, collect anddeleteoperations. * List the detail info(name, path, type, sizeandmodify time) for files. * Built-in photo gallery and videoplayer,click to play videos, check images File Explorer APowerfuldesktop-grade features tool, Access directorys and fileslikewidowns simple and convenient. Click the node of the file ordirpath quickly to change path. File Wireless transfer Functions asanFTP: When this feature is enabled, you can manage and transfefileson your phone from your computer Other Main Features *Favorite:You can add your frequently used file and directory toFavorite forquick access. * Shortcut: Add a shortcut of file ordirectory tothe desktop * Recent: Quick reaccess recent files ordirectorys *Recycle Bin: Delete your file into Recycle Bin fordeleted bymistake or recover. * App Manager: Easily to manage allyourinstalled applications. Speed Booster: With one-tap boost,thisAndroid accelerator makes phone faster by 50%. This speedboosterand cleaner makes your Android phones reborn with betteruserexperience. Junk Cleaner: With this feature, you canquicklyanalyzes storage space on your Android device and identifiesallunnecessary data, such as cache junks, ads files, obsoletetrash,memory cache and other junk file, delete cache and residualfilesto reclaim storage, boost speed and improve the performance ofyourdevice and SD card. CPU cooler: With Our Cleaner Master, youcaneasily Find and Stop the apps that are causing it tooverheat,cooling the CPU and make your battery last longer! AppManager:Easy to batch uninstall unwanted Apps. Scan and cleanredundant APKfiles. Search Large File: Find hidden large files,easy to manuallycleaning.
APK Editor 1.8.20
APK Editor is a powerful tool that can edit/hack apk files todolots of things for fun. It can help us to do things likestringlocalization, background image replacement, layoutre-architecting,and even ad eliminating, permission removing, etc.What it can dodepends on how you use it. However, to use it well,we need alittle bit professional skills. Don't be afraid, someexamples aregiven in the help page.(Note: Manifest editing is notsupported infree version)
Framaroot Booster: RAM, Processor & CPU Booster 2.3
Framaroot Booster - The app that makes phone run fasterbyoptimizing CPU(Central Processing Unit) & RAM(RandomAccessMemory). Framaroot Booster cools down the CPU by executingCPU inlowest frequency state. It can turn 1900MHz running CPU tojust250MHz. Suppose your Phone temperature is very hot, means CPUisrunning in very high frequency, enabling Battery Boost modewilllimit the frequency to the lowest & it depends phone tophone.Framaroot Booster fixes the Lag & Hang problem byassigningLarge RAM VM Heap Size. This many times solves the appCrashproblem by fixing Out-of-Memory Error.Framaroot Boosterdetectspower consuming apps & you can either Boost, Kill orHibernatethem individually or automatically. We recommend our usersto tryall the different modes & choose the one that stands wellasper your performance need.Framaroot works well both with rootedandnon-rooted android devices, works even better if your phoneisrooted by Framaroot. But it is not mandatory to rootbyframaroot.If you have any problem with this app, please mail us,wewill surely reply you & try to solve the problem. If youlikethis app, consider Sharing this app or rating us a 5starReview.Thank you for your patience & support.
SHAREit - Transfer & Share 4.6.88_ww
SHAREit, the best sharing app with fastest cross-platformtransferspeed & free online feeds including movies, videos,music,wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player,whichhelps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music. ►Fastestin the World 200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highestspeedgoes up to 20M/s. Transfer files without losing quality. ►TransferAll Types of Files Photos, videos, music, installed appsand anyother files. ► Infinite Online Videos HD & Selective,Offlinewatching, Continuously updated ► Excellent Video PlayerSupportalmost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience ►DiscoverTrending Music Tens of millions of high quality songs,andthousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline ►ElegantMusic Player Powerful equalizer provides immersiveexperiences foryou ►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers Personalized,Funny, Download& Share 【LIKE US and STAY CONNECTED】►Facebook►Twitter ►VK►Instagram Note:SHAREit will notaccesspermissions that are irrelevant to our functionality. ByaccessingLocation, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users.Plus, it isrequired by Android system to access this permission.By accessingBluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearbyusers more quicklyso as to connect with Sender/Receiver moreefficiently.
MyTelkomsel – Check Balance, Quota & Data Packages 4.2.0
Time surely flies!
 The new version of MyTelkomsel App is here tobeyour lifestyle companion. Easily Explore Your Needs Explorevariouschoices of packages is getting more fun with the latestlook ofMyTelkomsel. With the fresh-looking bottom menu, now youcan easilyswitch between pages, getting promos, shopping, sendinggifts,exploring, and accessing your complete account profile. Withnewuser interface design on account profile, it is easier to findyourcomplete information, account info, your balance/billing,TCASHbalance, POIN and and your favourite package all in one page.Youcan also explore various services from Telkomsel such asVASservices (CloudMAX, Family Protect, TanyaDok, PopCall, MagicCall,and many more), GraPARI appointment, checking 4G coverage, andalsoaccessing help page. Your Daily Needs in the Palm of YourHandTelkomsel has many cool offers for you such as specialpackages,discount vouchers from POIN redemption, and many more. Thegoodnews is, with the new look and design, it will be easier tobrowseand find the offers suitable for you. We also added DailyCheck Infeature, where you can get special prizes by checking intoMyTelkomsel apps everyday. So, what are you waiting for?Downloadand Explore MyTelkomsel App now! We are happy to receiveyourfeedback. If you have any questions or other inputs, pleaseemailus at [email protected], mention @Telkomsel viaTwitter/Facebookor through Get Help/Contact Us section onMyTelkomsel App. Forfurther information, visit, before you goout to explore, we would like to remind you that:- MyTelkomsel isoptimized for smartphone use, not tablet. - Makesure you have thelatest operating system (Android 5.0 or above/iOS9.0 or above). -The compatibility with other device and otherdevice resolutionsare not guaranteed.
Launcher For Mac OS 2.5
Launcher For Mac OS is the version of computer launcher which giveadesktop computer style look on your Android? You love the newstyleof os 10 launcher? Check this computer style launcheravailable foryour Android (TM) smart phones. Desktop ComputerDesign:Launcher ForMac OS is here for you (Inspired by mac os).Customize your phonewith unique look and feel of the fastestlauncher. Amaze your lovedone with computer look of your Androidand also share it with yourloved ones.Support of mac styledesktopWith built-in support of FileExplore and File Manager youcan search and explore your files andFolders, Copy, Paste,Zip/Unzip, RAR, Delete Files, Share Files andcan do lotmore...Explore your file system with this simple andefficient fileexplorer and file manager in native desktop computerdesign. Youwill be amazed at the interface that resembles mycomputer'swindows directory. Launcher For Mac OS isawesome!Features:- StartMenu for Launcher For Mac OS- Androidapplication in Stylish Tiles- In Start Menu - Best application areavailable on One Click -Create Shortcuts of most used applicationon Desktop by press andHold Feature.- Easy Navigation to the Apps-Built-In support ofFile Explorer in Launcher For Mac OS- CreateFolders, Cut, Copy,Paste, Move, Share etc.- Listing of all of yourdrives, SD Card,Storage, audio and video files and pictures in PCstyle.- TaskbarFor Mac OS style- put the files to Recycle Bin anddelete later inmac style- Built-in ZIP support allows you todecompress or extractZIP/RAR files- Action Center. Notifier Center:Like windows 10launcher, the computer also has a action center bar.You can checkthe notice of application or system with NotificationCenter.Update Features :- Desktop Widgets- Android O type desktopmenu-Drag and drop Improved- Clock Widget- Weather Widget- RAMinfowidget- Changeable desktop folders- Live Wallpapers- Phototileschangeable - Task-bar icons removable - Desktop AppFolders-Weather, Calendar and Photos tiles Added- Task-barTransparencyoption added - Improved Themes Compatibility- MultiTasking Madeoptional (enable /disable from settings)- Lock Screen -Multi ColorSupport for Task bar and menu - Themes and Icon Pack -Android TV/Tablet support (Full version only)- Hide Applications -DesktopIcons Removable - Add Applications in Start Menu (PaidOnly)-Change the Start Menu Application (Press and Hold the apptochange)- Change applications in Task-bar (Press and Hold)-Built-InGallery Feature added- Photo Tile changeableUp Comings-Widgets indesktop mode- Task manger- Built in apps (Photo viewer ,videopayer etc)
Simple Gallery 5.1.4
DEPRECATED: This version of the app is no longer maintained, getthePro versionat customizable gallery capable of displaying manydifferentimage and video types including SVGs, RAWs, panoramicphotos andvideos. It is open source, contains no ads orunnecessarypermissions. Let's list some of its features worthmentioning: 1.Search 2. Slideshow 3. Notch support 4. Pinningfolders to the top5. Filtering media files by type 6. Recycle binfor easy filerecovery 7. Fullscreen view orientation locking 8.Marking favoritefiles for easy access 9. Quick fullscreen mediaclosing with downgesture 10. An editor for modifying images andapplying filters 11.Password protection for protecting hidden itemsor the whole app12. Changing the thumbnail column count withgestures or menubuttons 13. Customizable bottom actions at thefullscreen view forquick access 14. Showing extended details overfullscreen mediawith desired file properties 15. Several differentways of sortingor grouping items, both ascending and descending 16.Hiding folders(affects other apps too), excluding folders (affectsonly SimpleGallery) The fingerprint permission is needed forlocking eitherhidden item visibility, the whole app, or protectingfiles frombeing deleted. This app is just one piece of a biggerseries ofapps. You can find the rest of themat
Computer Launcher - Win 10 Style 12.9
Are you looking for the desktop computer style launcher onyourAndroid? You love the new style of windows 10 launcher? Checkthiscomputer style launcher available for your Android (TM)smartphones. Desktop Computer Design:Computer Launcher for Windows10 ishere for you (Inspired by Windows 10®). Customize your phonewithunique look and feel of the fastest launcher. Amaze your lovedonewith computer look of your Android and also share it withyourloved ones.Support of Windows File manager style windows10Withbuilt-in support of File Explore and File Manager you cansearchand explore your files and Folders, Copy, Paste, Zip/Unzip,RAR,Delete Files, Share Files and can do lot more...Explore yourfilesystem with this simple and efficient file explorer andfilemanager in native desktop computer design. You will be amazedatthe interface that resembles my computer's windowsdirectory.Windows 10 launcher is awesome!Network Sharing of filesandfolders:Share your files and folders with other users ofcomputerlauncher over Wifi network. Access your files everywhereoverFTP/LAN.Features:- Start Menu for Windows 10 Launcher-Androidapplication in Stylish Tiles - In Start Menu - Bestapplication areavailable on One Click - Create Shortcuts of mostused applicationon Desktop by press and Hold Feature.- EasyNavigation to the Apps-Built-In support of File Explorer in windows10 theme- CreateFolders, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Share etc.-Listing of all of yourdrives, SD Card, Storage, audio and videofiles and pictures in PCstyle.- Taskbar for windows 10 style- putthe files to Recycle Binand delete later in window 10 style-Built-in ZIP support allowsyou to decompress or extract ZIP/RARfiles- Action Center. NotifierCenter: Like windows 10 launcher, thecomputer also has a actioncenter bar. You can check the notice ofapplication or system withNotification Center. Update Features :-Desktop Widgets- Android Otype desktop menu- Drag and dropImproved- Clock Widget- WeatherWidget- RAM info widget- Changeabledesktop folders- LiveWallpapers- Photo tiles changeable - Task-baricons removable -Desktop App Folders- Weather, Calendar and Photostiles Added-Task-bar Transparency option added - Improved ThemesCompatibility-Multi Tasking Made optional (enable /disable fromsettings)- LockScreen - Multi Color Support for Task bar and menu -Themes andIcon Pack - Android TV /Tablet support - HideApplications -Desktop Icons Removable - Add Applications in StartMenu (PaidOnly)- Change the Start Menu Application (Press and Holdthe app tochange)- Change applications in Task-bar (Press andHold)- Built-InGallery Feature added- Photo Tile changeableUpComings- Widgets indesktop mode- Task manger- Built in apps (Photoviewer , videopayer etc)
Root Master 2.8
Top Tools
Root Master app increases Speed, Battery & Stability ofyourandroid device using our strong optimized algorithms.You(user)have to decide which boost is best for you because someUsers needSpeed, some need Battery savings & others needoverallstability. All these modes optimizes Android OS (OperatingSystem),RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU (Central Processing Unit)of yourandroid device. Each & every technical details areexplained indetail.Speed BoostThis mode hibernates most of the CPUdemandingapplications, it tests your RAM & sets RAM VM Heapsize forbetter performance and stability. This mode sets CPUgovernor whichinsures performance boost. Using this mode theprocessing power ofyour processor will be boosted and you will gainmore performanceto play hardware demanding games.Battery BoostIthibernates Batterydemanding applications. It sets CPU governor& RAM VM heap sizeto ensure huge battery savings &improving batterylife.Stability BoostIt hibernates poorlyprogrammed apps to ensure100% functionality of all your apps.Unlikeother RAM Cleaner /Booster apps that always requires constant userinteraction(bynotification/ widget, etc), we never disturb you.After activatingany Boost Mode keep this app installed & startexperiencingyour device's true potential. You never need to CleanRAM &Kill Apps, our algorithm is taking all the care inbackground. Thecomplete process is 100% safe & it also haveauto backup systemso don't worry it never damages your phone. RootMaster app worksbest with rooted android devices. If your androiddevice is rooted,please grant Super User permission to it. If yourphone is notrooted or you are not able to root your phone, this apphelps youto get most out of your device in respect to Performance,Battery& overall Stability.You can even verify this app bytesting thebenchmark score of each boost mode.This app even showsLinuxexecuting code on activating Boost.If you haveanysuggestion/problem/question regarding this app, please mail us,wewill surely help to solve your problem.And if you like thisapp,please rate us 5 stars(🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟), it would help us a lot.
Launcher for Phone 7 & Plus
Shengxi Team
the sliding screen effects,icon size, the desktop iconarrangement,capricious change, are more customization is comingsoonLauncherfor Phone 7 & Plus is a stylish, smart &personalizedapplication for your Android phone;faster, Easy to use,and evenmore beautiful, To give you an unprecedentedexperience.QuickTouch(Fast, Convenient, Time-saving) to help you,without openingAPP directly use app. More shortcuts on-line soon,please payattention to our updates...Are your bored with Androidinterface?Launcher for Phone 7 & Plus is for you! All are os10style:ICON、operating、wallpaper、search...Do you want intelligent appsort?Automatic sort apps to Games Media Social Shopping TravelLifestyleTheme and system.We believe simple and easy is the itsaves power and isn't stuck.Features:1、PersonalizedMakeyourexclusive interface is so simpleSlidingscreeneffect、test、icon、theme、wallpaper2、QuickTouchFast、Convenient、Time-saving,Onetouch achieve3、Hide APPProtectyour privacy,APP didn‘t want to hidethe desktop display4、OSSearchLast used app、searches includingapps,contacts,etc;5、OSBoosterClear the memory to make your phonerun faster6、OSMarketGathered the world's hottest and latest gamesand appsOurHome Page: interestingtheme: download and have a try!
Elixir 2 - Widgets 2.43.3
Tamás Barta
This application is an add-on for Elixir 2 but it can use asastandalone application too. Widgets makes it possible to puthiglyconfigurable widgets to your home screens.Features:-multiplewidget sizes, each can be disabled- small widget icons, upto 7*7icons per screen.- widget performance screen- customizewidgeticons by icon packs- various widget backgrounds,changeabletransparency- various icon sizes- change labelposition/color/size,hide labels- backup/restore widget definitions-change image,label, refresh rate of widget types Widget icontypes:- applicationlauncher- recent application (dynamic)- contact-shortcut:bookmark, contact, setting, ...- battery- battery current-batterytemperature- battery time- battery voltage- internalstorage-external storage- cpu usage- cpu frequency- cpu usage *frequency-memory- running/recent applications/processes count-e-mail unreadcount: gmail or any imap server- missed calls count-messagesunread count- bookmarks, history- time- uptime- date- nextalarm-mobile signal strength- mobile traffic- wifi signal strength-wifitraffic- wifi name- wifi link speedWidget toggles:- cpugovernor-profile- mobile data- mobile network (2G/3G/4G) - openssettings-apn- apn selector- data roaming- wimax (4g)- wifi- wifiselector-wifi ap (hotspot)- bluetooth (2 or 3 state)- bluetoothtethering-nfc - opens settings- gps- airplane mode-auto-brightness-brightness (can set levels)- auto-rotate- lock-screen timeout (canset levels, keep screen on)- screen off- screenfilter- screenorientation- wallpaper- auto-sync- sync all-background data-speakerphone- ringer mode- vibrate- haptic feedback(vibrate ontouch in ics)- ringtone- sd mount- sd refresh- usb massstorage-flash (needs TeslaLED Flashlight)- mute- clear cache-reboot (forrooted devices, normal/recovery/bootloader/shutdown)-usbdebugging- stay awake (with wake lock)- refresh widget-locale-volume- volume profile selectorLanguages: english, magyar,русский,deutsch, ελληνικά, polski, español, český, 正體中文,yкраїнський,italiano, slovenčina, 日本語, 한국의This is a free,ad-supportedapplication. If you donate:- ads will be removed- setcustom labelcolor for every widget icon, on/off/unread/missed iconstatesYoucan donate by buying the Elixir 2 - Donation Keyapplication or youcan make a donation from my web site or fromtheapplication.Contact:[email protected]:http://bartat.huTranslation: